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Access From Around the Globe with Duke MyChart

True health is a journey and as a part of the Duke Executive Health Program you have access to your Duke MyChart electronic health record.  Duke MyChart will host your previsit medical history questionaires in addtion to visit summaries and updates of your visit including the nutrition, stress, fitness consultations.  You will also be able to message your physician for medical advice. This access makes it easy to stay up-to-date on your health from anywhere in the world, and is especially useful for sharing this information with your primary care physician.

 Duke MyChart is available 24/7 to send questions, concerns, appointment requests, or any other needs.

To sign up for Duke MyChart, call 919-620-4555.



Time to invest in your health

Don't put your health on hold. Experience our streamlined approach to healthcare - physical exams, testing, and information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in one visit to our facility.