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Additional Services

The following services may be added to your visit in order to meet every aspect of your wellness goals.  

Please note additional services may extend your visit.

Diagnostic Screenings and Procedures*

You have access to Duke specialists for in-depth review of these health concerns. Some of the commonly requested are:

Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole genome sequencing analyzes the entire genome, meaning it creates a representation of all your DNA nucleotides. This process is different than genotyping which gives a very detailed assessment of specific portions of your DNA- usually those that we know are associated with diseases. The benefit of whole genome sequencing is that as our understanding of the genome changes you would not ever have to have another test done- your DNA can be re-analyzed to look for any newly identified mutations. The downside of whole genome sequencing is that the dataset is very large and complex and may provide unexpected information. For example, it may show a mutation in a gene that is often associated with breast cancer but if there is no family history of breast cancer it might be hard to know what the mutation means for your risk. We are making this test available for those who are interested in knowing what insights your genome might have regarding your risk for a broad array of diseases.

Veritas Genetics’ myGenome product is $999. If you choose to order myGenome, Duke Executive Health will provide you a link to sign up/Order the myGenome test online, from home. Once the order is complete, Veritas Genetics will mail you a saliva collection kit that you can use at home and send back to them. Duke Executive Health will provide pre-test counseling and when the sample is analyzed, Veritas Genetics will provide both an Interactive Web based Report, and a PDF version of their findings to you and to Executive Health. It typically takes 12-16 weeks to get the report back. 

Screening Audiogram

To detect hearing loss, screen current hearing levels and evaluate ringing of the ears.

Screening Eye Exam

To detect vision loss, glaucoma and other diseases of the eye

Screening Colonoscopy

Recommended for persons over the age of 50 or earlier, if there is a family history of colon cancer

Calcium Scoring CT

Brief CT scan of the coronary arteries to detect calcification, which can detect early changes in the coronary arteries that may lead to coronary obstruction. 


Screening study to detect breast cancer

*Additional fees may apply

Other Health and Wellness Services at Duke

Cosmetic and Image Enhancement

Cosmetic plastic surgery, facials, dermabrasion, Lasik eye surgery, Botox, and other cosmetic procedures.

Duke Aesthetic Center

Weight Management Services

Available at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center, one of the most successful obesity treatment programs in the nation.

Integrative Medicine

Blending advanced medical practice and research with proven complementary therapies, such as stress-reduction training, therapeutic massage, and acupuncture to help clients achieve maximum health and well-being.

Preventive Cardiology

Duke's foremost cardiac health and prevention experts identify risk for heart disease with state of the art technology, specialized tests, and imaging technique.

Time to invest in your health

Don't put your health on hold. Experience our streamlined approach to healthcare - physical exams, testing, and information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in one visit to our facility. 

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